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If you live in or are traveling to Irvine, you probably already know that Southern California traffic is notoriously horrendous. Likewise, our area airports are some of the busiest in the nation, which makes getting to and from them an often-difficult prospect. Should you take your own vehicle to the airport, trust in the safety of long-term parking, only to pay a fee that is nearly half a monthly car note? Should you hit up a friend or family member Irvine town car and private shuttle servicesfor a ride, knowing that it’s an inconvenience? Uber is certainly an option, but their lack of reliability and quality could cost you greatly if your driver shows up late or not at all. What you really need is a trusted, go-to airport taxi service who you can count on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Taxi Orange County, we provide top-quality transportation services, including non-stop airport shuttles for travelers throughout the area. We know that you have many transportation options, but we also know that you want reliability, safety, and the feeling that you are a valued customer to your service providers. To us, you are not “just another fare.” You are someone who trusts us with your business, and we believe in providing you with a top-shelf experience at an affordable price. Even if you are not planning airport travel, we are here for all your travel needs, such as nights out on the town, client transportation, or other special events.

Whether you are looking for a taxi, airport shuttle, or town car service in Irvine, we encourage you to contact us so that we can show you that you have a partner you can trust for all your transportation needs.